I feel less important…

So here is the thing. I am a single child to my parents. I have always been loved and pampered. My fiancee has a sister. Way back, he brought a MAC lipstick for me coz I told him that I loved MAC. But he didn’t just bring one for me, he brought one for his sister and his mum too. This I somehow did not like. It made me feel down and not special. And I am not used to this feeling. ¬†Why does he have to buy stuffs Continue reading “I feel less important…”


Our cab rides…

Ours is a long distance relationship. He comes to my city once a month to meet me and be with his family. So on those days we go out, eat at restaurants, shop for wedding related stuff, go for movies… So while going and returning we take Uber cabs. And we sit really close to each other, holding hands all the time. Most of the time my head is on his shoulder and his resting on my head. It feels so good. It feels like I know him for a long time. I am getting used Continue reading “Our cab rides…”

My soon to be sister-in-law

So I kinda do not like my fiancee’s sister. She is weird in the sense that she does nothing. She has been trying (not trying seriously) to get a job for the last 2 years afetr completing masters (empty mind is a devil’s workshop). A hell lot of negativity is in her. So one day my fiancee asked me to wish her all the best for her job related exam the next day. I did. While talking to her during that time, among all Continue reading “My soon to be sister-in-law”

The formal 2nd meeting (not a date)

So before him leaving for the US, we met for lunch.

On a Saturday we met at a restaurant. Having ordered, we started to talk. I was slowly getting comfortable. I let him know that I will continue pursuing my dream after getting married, and that I need full support understanding from him if we ever get married. He agreed to this. Just an initial agreement. Things seemed positive. After the lunch he asked me if we could go to a nearby mall, I said no. It would Continue reading “The formal 2nd meeting (not a date)”