The formal 2nd meeting (not a date)

So before him leaving for the US, we met for lunch.

On a Saturday we met at a restaurant. Having ordered, we started to talk. I was slowly getting comfortable. I let him know that I will continue pursuing my dream after getting married, and that I need full support understanding from him if we ever get married. He agreed to this. Just an initial agreement. Things seemed positive. After the lunch he asked me if we could go to a nearby mall, I said no. It would Continue reading “The formal 2nd meeting (not a date)”

Turning down proposals…

So I have been asked out by men before. I have said no. Because I didn’t feel they were the right one for me. But saying no wasn’t great. I tried to be supportive to them as much as possible. Some of them were really obsessed with me. I used to avoid these men.  I do not like playing with emotions of men if I have no intention of being with them in the future. Some are still in contact with me, who are my friends, which is great!

I would like to tell you that I believe in God. It helps me cope up with the hurdles of life. So you must be wondering what has this gotta do with turning down proposals. Read on….. Continue reading “Turning down proposals…”