Why you should not get your PhD from India

I have been suffering since I had taken the decision to get my PhD from India for the last 3 years. I would like to point out reasons why one should not get their PhD’s from India, which I have felt have affected my progress or is affecting a students progress. Here are those:- Continue reading “Why you should not get your PhD from India”


The dilemma

So I feel the only way to solve this problem of me being worried whether I am taking a wrong decision to get married in the middle of the PhD is to assume that the worse is going to happen. And gather courage, enough courage to face the consequences. I am scared of failures. Which is why I am so worried. I need to get over the feeling of failure. Infact, I have been trying to do this for a long time. But have failed. The only thing that makes me so stressed out all the time Continue reading “The dilemma”


So I am done with my PhD evaluation. I could not post anything because of the evaluations. Hopefully things went good. I still feel stressed since next year I will have another evaluation to give. So silly of me, right? I have been taking so much stress since my childhood that I am still unable to survive without stress. If some days are stress free, I feel something is going to be wrong.

Anyway, good its over, now I get to proceed with my work.

Also, I have a wedding to attend! 😉

PhD is stressful!

So my advisors (PhD guide) demand is, minimum 4 SCI indexed journals for PhD. My advisor does not like conference publication. Given the current scenario, though the number of journals have increased incredibly over the past few years, along with it have increased the number of grad students. So the ratio is nearly constant I feel. Having the pressure of publishing is huge. It kinda makes your brain numb, you end up unable to think. It is really stressful. I am right now struggling to get

Continue reading “PhD is stressful!”

How to handle article rejection

Its very very frustrating when your work gets rejected with comments that were addressable. One of my work got rejected recently and there was just one reviewer reviewing it. Why just one? Isn’t a one reviewer decision biased? Well the number of improvements given were many, but doable within time limit.

Getting the right journal for communicating your work is a hassle. On top of that, it should be SCI indexed and have no article processing charge. So Continue reading “How to handle article rejection”