Honeymoon II

If you are new to my blog and if you are reading this as your first post then you should first read the first part of the honeymoon trip to Mauritius!

So here it goes… Continue reading “Honeymoon II”


Honeymoon I

We went on our honeymoon to Mauritius for 6 nights and 7 days. So I will basically be dividing the entire trip into 3 parts. We had a lot of fun things to do, had many experiences to share. This is also my very first trip with a guy (imagine!). It was a very relaxing and a relation-building trip.  Continue reading “Honeymoon I”

Why you should not take Facebook seriously…

My Facebook wall is flooded with photos of people going on expensive vacations, being the exquisite bride on their weddings, with a huge smile on their faces. Earlier I used to feel, “man they are so happy! when will I get to feel this happy”. But now I don’t… Coz what I see is what they choose to show. A person cannot be happy 100% all the time. Every person has to go through his/her life struggles. He/she is facing hardship at some point of time or another. These struggles are selectively kept Continue reading “Why you should not take Facebook seriously…”