Why you should not take Facebook seriously…

My Facebook wall is flooded with photos of people going on expensive vacations, being the exquisite bride on their weddings, with a huge smile on their faces. Earlier I used to feel, “man they are so happy! when will I get to feel this happy”. But now I don’t… Coz what I see is what they choose to show. A person cannot be happy 100% all the time. Every person has to go through his/her life struggles. He/she is facing hardship at some point of time or another. These struggles are selectively kept Continue reading “Why you should not take Facebook seriously…”


I am worried (PhD)

So here is the thing. I am getting married in the middle of my PhD. Is it a good idea? I mean, I like him a lot, and I want to get married. But what if this decision hampers my PhD process? I will not be able to bear with it. To me, my PhD is even more important than my own life. But if it gets affected because of marriage then I will not be able to forgive myself.

Sometimes I think I have taken the wrong decision to get Continue reading “I am worried (PhD)”