The dilemma

So I feel the only way to solve this problem of me being worried whether I am taking a wrong decision to get married in the middle of the PhD is to assume that the worse is going to happen. And gather courage, enough courage to face the consequences. I am scared of failures. Which is why I am so worried. I need to get over the feeling of failure. Infact, I have been trying to do this for a long time. But have failed. The only thing that makes me so stressed out all the time Continue reading “The dilemma”

I am worried (PhD)

So here is the thing. I am getting married in the middle of my PhD. Is it a good idea? I mean, I like him a lot, and I want to get married. But what if this decision hampers my PhD process? I will not be able to bear with it. To me, my PhD is even more important than my own life. But if it gets affected because of marriage then I will not be able to forgive myself.

Sometimes I think I have taken the wrong decision to get Continue reading “I am worried (PhD)”

Sleepy me….

So here is the thing… I feel sleepy most of the time. But there are certain events which make me feel more sleepy. Like video of puppies cuddling, or video of puppies sleeping, or video of good food being cooked…

So what exactly is the psychology behind this? I really really wanted to know… I think. It’s weird though…


So I am done with my PhD evaluation. I could not post anything because of the evaluations. Hopefully things went good. I still feel stressed since next year I will have another evaluation to give. So silly of me, right? I have been taking so much stress since my childhood that I am still unable to survive without stress. If some days are stress free, I feel something is going to be wrong.

Anyway, good its over, now I get to proceed with my work.

Also, I have a wedding to attend! 😉