I am worried (PhD)

So here is the thing. I am getting married in the middle of my PhD. Is it a good idea? I mean, I like him a lot, and I want to get married. But what if this decision hampers my PhD process? I will not be able to bear with it. To me, my PhD is even more important than my own life. But if it gets affected because of marriage then I will not be able to forgive myself.

Sometimes I think I have taken the wrong decision to get married at this point in life, when I am in the middle of my PhD. But I really want to get married now you know. I have never felt I wanted to be with someone until last year. After 25 years, I have finally felt that I wanted to be with someone, be emotionally invested into someone. And I really feel comfortable with this guy, so much so that I don’t even want to let him go. But what if this new addition in my personal life leads to me being distracted from my PhD? I really don’t know what to do. I just can’t see what lies ahead and this is making me more nervous. But I want both, my PhD and him. Is it a crime to want both?


One thought on “I am worried (PhD)

  1. I’m sure that you’ll be able to get both if you really want it. And if you think it’s too much, you could wait till you get your PhD. I’m sure that he’d understand. Do your best!


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