The proposal!

When I was a kid, I used to be a big daydreamer. I had always imagined that someone would propose by going down on his knees and give me flowers! But with time, I realized you have to be lucky to get these. So before going for an arranged marriage, I had given up the hope that any such thing would happen to me. I wasn’t sad to give up this hope though. I had accepted it sportingly.

So one fine day, me and the guy selected for me by my parents, were video calling over Skype. He suddenly said, “Can I propose you?”. I was like “Whattttt!!!!!!!! Yes pleaseeeee”. And he went down on his knees to propose. He asked “Will you marry me?” , I said “YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!” It was a weirdly wonderful feeling which I cant even describe. It happened between him and me, totally a private affair, and I loved it! I had already made up my mind to be with him even before he proposed actually.

It feels great to be desired by someone to be bonded for life. I just hope and pray things are good between us always, and that we are always together and have the strength to solve our problems easily and never grow apart.



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