5 days left!!

OMG!!!! Its here!!! Just 5 more days to me wedding! I am really really happy today 🙂

The preparations are on a full swing! Flowers, decorations, all are being managed. I only wish one paper would have been accepted before the wedding. But sadly, one of my papers recently got rejected just 2 weeks before the wedding. It felt really bad tbh. But this is how a PhD’s life is, too many lows and too less highs. I will keep working towards it.

Anyway, my wedding!!! I will share some pics later… Hell no, I have a lot of work… Should go… Byeeeee


The Wedding Saree

Being a Bengali, I am supposed to wear a Benarasi for my wedding. My fantasy was to get married to a Tamilian Guy. So I had always imagined myself wearing a Kanjeevaram (type of saree prevalent in South India). Since I miserably failed to get a South Indian guy, I decided to atleast get a Kanjeevaram for my wedding. 😛 It will make up for the South Indian guy.

So I went to Nalli, one of the biggest Continue reading “The Wedding Saree”

Why you should not take Facebook seriously…

My Facebook wall is flooded with photos of people going on expensive vacations, being the exquisite bride on their weddings, with a huge smile on their faces. Earlier I used to feel, “man they are so happy! when will I get to feel this happy”. But now I don’t… Coz what I see is what they choose to show. A person cannot be happy 100% all the time. Every person has to go through his/her life struggles. He/she is facing hardship at some point of time or another. These struggles are selectively kept Continue reading “Why you should not take Facebook seriously…”

Shopping with the family!

We were 9 people. Me, mum, my mum’s sister, her husband, her daughter, my mum’s another cousin sister, my mum’s brother, his wife and their daughter. So these two kid’s are my favorite cousins. They are the apple of my eye! dad couldn’t come since his toe broke 😦

At 2 pm we reached the shopping place. It was drizzling. We went into a small saree (indian wear) shop. It was supposed to be the oldest saree shop in that area. So even though the shop was tiny, the collection was fabulous. All of us 9 went in. Small shop, so many people. And we like talking loudly, occasionally cracking jokes, seeing sarees, commenting on the sarees! It was a total chaos, so much so that the other people in the shop left! 😛 We all were really missing my dad… 😦

After that we went to another shop! There too, the same scene. But these shop officials was totally enjoying our chaos! Even they were totally being fun and showing sarees and laughing at our jokes. I mean, how boring will a wedding shopping be without laughter, smiles and jokes!